Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Authenticity Business And A Colorful Quiz On this week's show, we use the presidential Between Two Ferns as a hook to discuss the importance of authenticity — and the selling of it. Plus, a devilish, super-challenging quiz.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Authenticity Business And A Colorful Quiz

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On this week's episode, our pal Gene Demby is with us for a discussion of the recent Between Two Ferns episode in which the President of the United States chatted about the Hangover movies. What does this kind of appearance accomplish? What is the meaning of "keeping it real" in current popular culture? And what does this all have to do with mayonnaise? Oh, you'll find out.

Furthermore, you'll find out the surprising crossover of episode titles from one of television's creepiest franchises and shades from the minds that want to decorate your world to make it more beautiful. In our quiz "Paint Or Perp," you'll be asked to consider, for instance, whether anyone would paint a room "Anonymous."

And as always, we close with what's making us happy this week. I am happy about a great site that's kept me full for a week. Gene is happy about a series of videos that's making everybody smarter and more amused. Stephen is happy about three new bands and an update on his terrible, terrible cats. Glen is happy about the return of a show he truly, truly loves that has lots of yelling.

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