Nadine Jansen On Piano Jazz Marian McPartland joins the pianist and horn player in "Yesterdays" and "Nadine's Blues" in 1988.

Nadine Jansen On Piano Jazz

Listen: Nadine Jansen On Piano Jazz

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Set List

  • "Yours Is My Heart Alone" (Herzer, Leher)
  • "I Thought About You" (Mercer, Van Heusen)
  • "Nadine's Blues" (Jansen, McPartland)
  • "Dream Of You" (Lunceford, Moran)
  • "Like Someone In Love" (Burke, Van Heusen)
  • "Little Sunflower" (F. Hubbard)
  • "Just Friends" (Klenner, Lewis)
  • "Yesterdays" (Kern, Harbach)
  • "How Deep Is The Ocean" (Irving Berlin)
  • "S'Wonderful" (G. & I. Gershwin)

Pianist and horn player Nadine Jansen got her start as a part of Horace Heidt's amateur show. Performing alongside The Clooney Sisters, Skitch Henderson and Tony Pastor, Jansen learned show business from the best entertainers around. She quickly made a name for herself on the nightclub circuit, particularly in clubs like New York's Capital Theatre and the Blue Note in Chicago.

Jansen was known for her proficiency on both piano and flugelhorn, and she often played the two at the same time, periodically pausing to sing a few bars. She joins host Marian McPartland here, displaying her many musical talents in "Just Friends," "Yesterdays" and "Nadine's Blues."

Nadine Jansen continued to perform regularly through the early 2000s at J. Chew & Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. She died in northern California in 2008. She was 79.

Originally recorded Jan. 13, 1988.