Ray Bonneville, 'Where Has My Easy Gone' (Live) The folk-music veteran was moved to write "Where Has My Easy Gone" after watching a baby lie peacefully on a bed. Watch Bonneville perform the song live at Folk Alley's headquarters in Saranac Lake.

Folk Alley Presents: Ray Bonneville

So much of music is about longing, navigating life's unexpected moments with curiosity, searching for clarity and better understanding. All of this is pieced together beautifully on Ray Bonneville's new album, Easy Gone.

Bonneville recently told Folk Alley that the song "Where Has My Easy Gone" came from watching a baby on a bed, thinking about how easy life was at the beginning; how easy it is at its core. The song that came from that encounter begins with a river and follows its twists and turns. Ultimately, the song seems to decide, it's not that life gets harder — it just changes us.