Willie Sugarcapps On Mountain Stage The Alabama quintet grew out of a weekly jam session to become a bona fide Americana supergroup. Hear the band perform a concert, recorded live in West Virginia.

Willie Sugarcapps On Mountain Stage

Willie Sugarcapps On Mountain Stage

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Willie Sugarcapps appears on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center in Charleston, W.Va.

The band consists of singer-songwriter Grayson Capps, guitarists Will Kimbrough and Corky Hughes, and husband-and-wife duo Sugarcane Jane. What began as a jam session in southern Alabama quickly became something more: The chemistry among the five distinct musicians inspired a repertoire that demanded to be documented, so they recruited Capps' longtime partner, Grammy-winning producer and engineer Trina Shoemaker. The addition helped spawn the band's self-titled debut album.

Many of Willie Sugarcapps' members have played on Mountain Stage separately over the years — including Kimbrough, who appeared with Todd Snider's road band The Nervous Wrecks during his Mountain Stage debut in 1995.

Set List

  • "Willie Sugarcapps"
  • "Energy"
  • "Oh, Colorado"
  • "Poison"
  • "Trouble"
  • "Bring It On Home To Me"