Special Message 3 A message for Carl from his most famous former intern.

Special Message 3

Special Message 3

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A message for Carl from his most famous former intern.


We also happened to get another voicemail for Carl. This from a young lady - let me check the name - oh, it's Katie Couric.

KATIE COURIC: Wait, wait, don't tell me - Carl Kasell is retiring? Carl, just think: If you hadn't hired me as your intern at WAVA All News Radio after my first year at the University of Virginia, I don't think I'd be standing here in this studio. Thank you for giving a then-college student with big dreams her start.

And thank you for being such a good person. I only hope by the time I retire, I'll be able to say I conducted my professional life with as much kindness, grace, humor and integrity as you have. Thank you again for everything. Good luck, Carl.


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