Mannie Fresh Live: 'Real Talk' The legendary producer and DJ flew in from New Orleans to regale a Washington D.C. crowd with stories about Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne's career plan, Mantronix and working with Mos Def.

Mannie Fresh Live: 'Real Talk'

Mannie Fresh, the legendary New Orleans producer and DJ, was our guest for the first live episode of Microphone Check. We taped at NPR's headquarters in Washington, D.C. at the end of May, and the conversation was predictably warm, sharp and funny. Mannie regaled the crowd with stories about Cash Money Records, the making of Juvenile's 400 Degreez, Lil Wayne's career, Mantronix and his dad. And he played us a new song from what he's working on now: an album with Brooklyn rapper Mos Def.

What we didn't anticipate happened after we said our thank yous, when Mannie stood up, walked over to the decks and unleashed a spontaneous set of bounce remixes of everything from Hall & Oates to Earth Wind and Fire. Watch until the end to hear those, or download that portion of the evening here.


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