Christina Vantzou, 'Strange Symptoms' This is your daily meditation, courtesy of the nirvana-inducing composer Christina Vantzou. Her new video for the song "Strange Symptoms" is as visually transfixing as the music.

Christina Vantzou, 'Strange Symptoms'


The new video from composer Christina Vantzou, for the moody ambient piece "Strange Symptoms," will take you away. Vantzou's nirvana-inducing sounds emerge, bloom and fade away in less than a minute-and-a-half, as a figure stands motionless behind a curtain of slowly cascading water, her face distorted by the sun-dappled ripples.

Vantzou, who studied visual art at the Maryland Institute Of Art in Baltimore, directed the abstract video herself. It's one of ten short films she produced to accompany each track to her latest album, No. 2.