Pop Culture Happy Hour: Live From The Bell House At our very first New York live show, we talk about the things we loved this summer and the things we're looking forward to in the fall. And, of course, we get to what's making us happy this week.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Live From The Bell House

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We had an absolutely fantastic time Tuesday night at the Bell House in Brooklyn doing the first-ever Pop Culture Happy Hour from New York. Everyone was wonderful, everyone was hugely supportive, and we were joined by our producer emeritus Mike Katzif for our roundtable discussion of the things we've loved this summer and the things we're excited about for fall. Along the way, we chatted about writing, the problems with the way networks promote fall shows, the challenges of prequels with predetermined conclusions and, most importantly, just how 10-year-old Glen would be feeling if we could talk to him right now.

Some of the things we talked about: the terrific Roxane Gay, who just recently wrote another of her powerful pieces that integrate food and prose; this intriguing trailer; some great writing from a friend of ours; a book that isn't out yet; a book that is out; and a review I was most proud to publish.

Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter: me, Stephen, Glen, Mike, and producer Jessica — who, even more than usual, was our fixer and handler and manager and helper, along with the team up in Programming at NPR and the folks at the Bell House, all of whom we're hugely grateful to this week. Next week at this time, we'll have the second half of our show, which was full of quizzes and fabulous special guests.