First Watch: Restorations, 'Separate Songs' Hear the first single from LP3, a lush, bottom-heavy rock album with a bleeding heart way out front.

Restorations, 'Separate Songs'

The members of Restorations have always had a heartland rock album in them. The Philadelphia band continued to flirt with punk and emo on LP1 and LP2 — it's hard to let go of lingering past influences — but LP3 is a lush, bottom-heavy rock 'n' roll record with a bleeding heart way out front. Premiering here, "Separate Songs" is its first single, with a video co-directed by Mitchell Wojcik and John Komar.

Singer and guitarist Jon Loudon writes:

"Separate Songs" is one of our favorite compositions off LP3. We got to do all the things we like in here: heinous feedback, giant chorus, too many guitar solos, etc. The song is about throwing your computer out the window.

Keeping to its lyrical theme of casting your life to the wind, the video features an unfulfilled man (a professional baseball player, it seems), shot in a cream-and-pastel palette that maybe just needs a splash of red paint.

LP3 comes out Oct. 28 on SideOneDummy Records.