Mirah, 'No Direction Home' Shot in a lighthouse window during a rainstorm, Mirah's newest video, for the song "No Direction Home," is a sultry tale of confusion and longing.

Mirah, 'No Direction Home'


Like a fog horn over dark waters, the opening brass sets the tone for this alluring song from Mirah. "No Direction Home" is probably the darkest song on her 2014 album Changing Light and this video plays with that darkness, using a lighthouse as its centerpiece. This is a song about loss and finding oneself again, not a foreign subject in pop music but one Mirah, with her very lovely, plaintive voice, can sing so well.

The video was shot by filmmaker Todd Chandler, who happens to be Mirah's partner. The pair spent their wedding night in a lighthouse off the coast of Southeastern Massachusetts. Todd Chandler shot this video in the lantern room of a lighthouse in the midst of a rainstorm, the perfect complement to the sad, familiar story this song tells.

Mirah is about to set out on a tour that will take her all over the country. Enjoy!