Diarrhea Planet, 'Lite Dream' (Live) Watch the guitar-loving Nashville garage-punk band tear up "Lite Dream," live from a Seattle studio.

KEXP Presents: Diarrhea Planet

Its name sounds like nowhere you'd want to be, and not necessarily something you'd want to hear, but Diarrhea Planet makes amazing music. Six guys from Nashville — four of them playing guitar! — live the credo of "Shred 'Til You're Dead" by blasting a fiery torrent of riff-heavy good times in a reverently irreverent mix of garage, punk, and '80s rock.

Those of us watching could barely hold it in as Diarrhea Planet's members tore up our tiny studio at KEXP last month, ripping guitar licks with their teeth and high-fiving all the while.


  • "Lite Dream"

Watch the rest of Diarrhea Planet's performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.