Garage-Rocker AJ Davila Unplugs In A Hair Salon An exciting underground music scene has sprung up in Puerto Rico, and Davila is at its helm. Just in time for fall, watch him perform a summery song called "Es Verano Ya."

Garage-Rocker AJ Davila Unplugs In A Hair Salon

There's a joke that says the biggest town in Puerto Rico is called New York. Several waves of diaspora have created a deep and complex relationship between Puerto Ricans and the city. Boricuas have had an immense influence on the Big Apple — its music, its literature, its landscape, and even its cuisine.

If you listen to Alt.Latino, you know we're excited about a Puerto Rican music and arts scene that's spilling into the continental U.S. and across Latin America. AJ Davila is one of our favorite musicians from that new wave.

Just in time for fall, we recently asked Davila to delight a Spanish Harlem beauty salon with a summer song. It's appropriate: He's one of the warmest souls I know — someone with whom it's a pleasure to discuss art and music, argue about politics or tell silly jokes. He's also a uniquely talented musician, with a style that combines garage-rock, punk and even elements of hip-hop.


  • "Es Verano Ya"


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