The 'Morning Edition' Staff Who are the people who write the words and shape the sound you hear each day? Read about them.

The 'Morning Edition' Staff

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Wanyu Zhang/NPR

Morning Edition staff past and present.

Wanyu Zhang/NPR

You've met the hosts of Morning EditionSteve Inskeep, Rachel Martin, A Martínez and Leila Fadel. Who else works on the show? Here are some brief bios:

Reena Advani is an editor who books guests, writes copy for the hosts and edits interviews. Reena was part of the team responsible for the show's special series marking 1979 as a seminal year in the Muslim world. She has brought a variety of voices to Morning Edition's air — including Jordan's King Abdullah II, tennis stars Andre Agassi and Serena Williams, former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei, one-time California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, actor Robert Duvall and many authors and chefs. Prior to joining Morning Edition, Reena was a producer on NPR's foreign desk for 10 years. Reena is an East West Center fellow and participated in its first U.S.-Korea journalists' exchange. She has trained journalists in Nepal and serves as a mentor to Asian-American journalists.

Erika A. Aguilar is the Executive Producer of Morning Edition and Up First. She comes to NPR from KQED, where she helped launch key journalism projects such as Consider This, On Our Watch and a housing reporting desk. Erika has held various editorial positions in public media including reporting for KPCC in Los Angeles and KUT in Austin. She also worked a short stint for the local CBS TV news station in Austin. When she isn't in the newsroom, Erika is mentoring with NPR's Next Generation Radio Project. She is a journalism and history graduate of Texas State University. She was born and raised in San Antonio making her a Spurs fan forever. She believes in teamwork, Monday mornings and Selena.

Gail Austin is a Supervising Editor for Morning Edition and Up First. In addition to supporting the daily show and podcast, Gail focuses on Morning Edition's long-term projects and staff career development. Gail began her NPR career as a Morning Edition editor. She's traveled overseas and across borders for the show. Previously, Gail was a producer for Hearst Television's DC bureau. She produced their morning news content from the White House, the 2016 campaign trail, the halls of Capitol Hill and the steps of the Supreme Court. She sometimes tweets at @Gail_Austin.

Ziad Buchh is a producer at Morning Edition. Ziad's introduction to NPR was through an internship with Weekend All Things Considered in 2018, where he immediately stood out for his ability to get people's lunch orders correct. He also interned with WDET in Detroit, and Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Journal, his college paper. Ziad has received many awards, just not for journalism. He tweets sports takes and the occasional awful photoshop attempt at @ZiadBuchh.

Chad Campbell is a producer for Morning Edition - a job he first held as a much younger man in the late 1990s. He prefers the overnight shift where he can line produce the show or direct the live broadcast - but occasional stints in the daylight allow him to work on more creative projects like these: A fun collaboration about the legacy of the NYC studio started by Jimi Hendrix. A profile of Hungry for Music and its mission to collect unwanted musical instruments and get them into the hands of thankful young musicians. And reporting two pieces from the California coast on foraging for seaweed and work being done to save the abalone. When not making radio, Chad is most likely spending time with his wife and kids - sleeping - enjoying a good meal - or playing volleyball. He tries never to tweet.

Kelley L. Dickens is an award-winning journalist and Supervising Editor for Morning Edition and Up First. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Kelley started her career at NPR. She's worked on pieces about the impacts of COVID, the work to restore land to a family in California, and how photographers in Atlanta are working to make kids' wildest dreams come true. Before working in radio, Kelley spent the majority of her journalism career in TV news. She was previously a news director in South Bend, IN., and a producer and reporter in Detroit, Flint, MI., and Norfolk, VA.

Barry Gordemer is an award-winning senior producer. He has helped produce coverage of two Persian Gulf wars, presidential elections, the Sept. 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. He's also produced many of the show's profiles of actors, musicians and writers. In 1999, Barry received special recognition from the George Foster Peabody Awards. A year later he created sound effects for and performed on the CD Dreamosaurus. It received a Grammy nomination for best musical album for kids.

Milton Guevara (he/him) is a producer/director at Morning Edition and Up First. Before joining the team, he interned at NPR's Arts Desk and produced at KCRW in Los Angeles. He studied political science and religious studies at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He also spent a semester at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Milton was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.

Olivia Hampton is an editor at Morning Edition and Up First. Currently based in Washington, D.C., Olivia has also reported from Europe and Asia. A French-American journalist, she broke news from across the Americas and all three branches of the US government at the AFP news agency for 11 years, covered the Pentagon as a producer for Japan's public broadcaster NHK TV and wrote for the Asahi Shimbun in Tokyo. Olivia obtained her Master's degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London in Transnational Communication & the Global Media, her Bachelors from American University in International Relations and her International Diploma from Sciences-Po Paris. She is most like a fish in water when covering or immersed in visual and performing arts.

Taylor Haney has produced stories about long COVID, pandemic-inspired music and a series of obituaries. He has covered elections, Hurricane Harvey and his own family. He interned for Morning Edition in 2014. Before joining NPR as a producer, he worked for KPCC in Pasadena, Calif., and earned a master's degree from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism. As a Fulbright fellow, he studied Tibetan music in Dharamsala, India. He tweets at @thetaylorhaney.

Phil Harrell is an award-winning producer who started at NPR in 1999. Harrell has worked on a variety of shows and has produced a little bit of everything—from politics to pop music. For Weekend Edition, he worked through the night to produce mini-documentaries about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and the legacy of President Ronald Reagan. Harrell got his start in radio as a rock 'n' roll DJ/program director at progressive station WRNR in Annapolis, MD. He later co-created the Bob Edwards Show for XM and Bob Edwards Weekend for PRI. Harrell is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Shelby Hawkins is a producer who joined Morning Edition at the beginning of 2022. Before joining NPR, she interned in Chicago at WBEZ's audio news desk where she focused on arts and culture. She also co-produced documentary film, Sankofa Chicago, which won best educational film at Cannes World Film Festival. She holds an MA in Civic Media from Columbia College Chicago, and a BA in Multimedia Photojournalism and Biology from the same university. In her free time she works on puzzles and tries to keep her plants alive.

Jan Johnson is an editor who arrived at NPR in October 2020, just in time to jump in on writing and editing content for special coverage of the presidential election. Building on a pretty nifty history of chasing politics, crime and courts, summits, storms, and space flights, Jan has edited recent NPR stories on topics ranging from the war in Ukraine to Utah raptor research. In her past lives, Jan was an anchor, host, and executive editor for Westwood One News, a newscast anchor at NPR and NBC Radio News, an assistant managing editor at AP, and a manager and anchor at major market stations from Phoenix to Tampa.

Miranda Kennedy is Supervising Senior Editor at Morning Edition and Up First. She helped shaped the editorial direction of Up First ahead of its 2017 launch. During the 2016 election and throughout the Trump years, she led political coverage for the show, initiating several long form host projects in the field. She has traveled to many parts of the world to report for NPR projects. Miranda is the author of a 2011 book about India, Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India, based on her five years as a reporter based in Delhi. During that time, she covered the conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan for both Marketplace and NPR. She's edited and coauthored several other books and teaches journalism courses at the University of Maryland and American University.

Kaity Kline is a producer at Morning Edition in New Jersey. She started in radio at her college station where she hosted a late-night rock show for three years. While there, she hosted/produced a show that won a Gracie award for the best student talk show. Kaity started at NPR as an intern at Here & Now in 2019, covering the 2020 election. She has worked at nearly every NPR news magazine show and as a producer at 1A. As a temp, she launched the NPR video game column Join The Game. When she's not at work, Kaity likes playing video games, sleeping, and eating delicious snacks. She tweets sometimes at @kaitykline.

Nina Kravinsky has been a producer at Morning Edition since 2019. Previously, she produced and reported award-winning stories for the evening news on WORT, a community radio station in Madison, WI. She also produced in the field and wrote scripts at PBS Wisconsin's state politics roundup program, Here and Now. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with majors in Spanish and political science, and spent time abroad studying human rights and international politics in Buenos Aires. She tweets @ninakravinsky.

HJ Mai is an award-winning journalist who joined Morning Edition as an editor in 2019. Before joining NPR, he worked for the German Press Agency (DPA) and WTOP. Over the course of his career, he has worked as an editor and reporter covering politics, business and sports for various American and European publications. After leaving his native Germany, HJ studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He speaks fluent German and you can find him each fall attending the annual Oregon-Washington football game. He tweets at @HJ_Mai.

Claire Murashima is a producer at Morning Edition and Up First. Claire was born and raised in Orange County, CA; went to high school in Chapel Hill, NC and graduated from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI. She got her start in media by being the self-proclaimed #1 fan of How I Built This, which led her to do freelance research for 30 episodes. She's interned and temped for Michigan Radio and NPR's Team Atlas, producing promos for NPR podcasts. Claire has reported on multigenerational households and a small town in Norway that doesn't see the sun for 2.5 months. She likes talking about faith and riding her bike, and she'd love to chat if you're considering a career in public radio.

Vince Pearson has been a producer at Morning Edition since 2006. His responsibilities include editing and producing pieces, directing, and coordinating the show's music coverage. Before Morning Edition, Vince worked at All Things Considered for a year, and prior to that, he worked at NPR stations in California, Utah and Washington, D.C.

Simone Popperl is an editor on Morning Edition and the Up First podcast. She came to NPR in 2019 from a California reporting project about water infrastructure in Santa Ana River Watershed communities. Field reporting about Dead Sea sinkholes that took her to the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel and Jordan earned her a PhD in anthropology from the University of California, Irvine. She's a member of the Middle East Environmental Worlds Working Group, and has edited and published ethnographic research in a variety of university presses. Some of her favorite work since joining Morning Edition includes conversations about Sinan Antoon's novel "The Book of Collateral Damage," Uber and Lyft strikes in the LA area and the Indian government's internet blackout in Kashmir. She's the artist behind many silly Post-it note sketches in the Morning Edition area.

Lilly Quiroz is a producer for Morning Edition and Up First. After she graduated with a dual bachelor's degree in journalism and German from Texas Tech University, she began an internship with NPR's Weekend All Things Considered where she helped with their award-winning breaking news coverage of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. She has reported about sex education for NPR's Life Kit and reported about family separations at the border in Spanish. She loves to travel and learn about cultures and languages. She sometimes tweets at @lillyevy.

Arezou Rezvani is an editor and was the founding editor of Up First, NPR's morning news podcast. She coordinated much of Morning Edition's 2016 presidential election coverage, traveling to battleground states to hear from voters across the political spectrum. When there isn't a turbulent election to cover, she follows developments around national security, modern warfare, and international affairs. Arezou has edited Steve Inskeep's reporting in Iran. In 2014, she led an investigation into the Pentagon's 1033 program, which supplies local law enforcement with surplus military-grade weapons and vehicles. The findings were cited during a Homeland Security Senate Committee hearing. Arezou is a graduate of USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and the University of California, Davis. She speaks Persian and conversational French. She tweets at @ArezouRezvani.

Lindsay Totty is a producer/director. He's responsible for selecting the music that airs at the end of each segment, and directs the live broadcast of the show from the control room of Studio 31. Lindsay started in radio as a DJ on the campus station at Amherst College, where he studied English and graduated magna cum laude. He live-tweets concerts and explains the jokes behind the Morning Edition music interludes at @lindsaytotty.

Rachel Treisman (she/her) is a writer and editor for the Morning Edition live blog, which she helped launch in early 2021. She covers any and all news that breaks throughout the morning on the East Coast, runs the show's social media accounts and works with journalists across the newsroom to amplify their reporting on Rachel has written hundreds of breaking news and feature stories since joining NPR as a National Desk intern in 2019. She's also reported for the national newscast, curated radio content for NPR One, contributed to the daily and coronavirus newsletters, live-blogged the 2020 election and tracked every state's COVID-19 restrictions and reopenings. Rachel is a graduate of Yale University, where she studied American history and served as the editor in chief of the Yale Daily News. She previously reported for the media startup NewsGuard Technologies and the business section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. You can find her on Twitter at @rachel_treisman or in public petting every dog in sight.

Lisa Weiner is a line-producer at Morning Edition. For NPR, she's covered the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and traveled to Ukraine to cover the Russian invasion in 2022. Prior to joining NPR, she held positions as an Editor at WTOP-FM, as an engineer at Radio Free Asia and recorded audio books for the Library of Congress. Lisa has a Master's Degree in Audio Technology from American University. She got her start in radio working the late-night shift as a student DJ in the basement of WRUR-FM at the University of Rochester. Lisa has lived in Tel Aviv, Israel and Budapest, Hungary.