Nick Waterhouse, 'Holly' (Live) The L.A. singer performs the title cut from his new album, which evokes the sounds of vintage R&B.

Front Row: Nick Waterhouse, 'Holly'

The L.A. singer Nick Waterhouse performs the title track from his latest album, Holly, live at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Mass.

Waterhouse sat down with WGBH Music's Edgar B. Herwick III before the show to discuss the new album. "A lot of the tunes and a lot of the record was about me having more lead time," he said. "The first record was literally, like, idea, rehearsal, recording it — now — because I only had four days to record everything. ... Holly was about struggle. Holly was about being a professional musician now. About people expecting me to turn in another piece of work. ... There was more intent behind this."

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  • "Holly"


Producers: Greg Shea, Kegan Harrington; Audio Engineer: Alan Mattes; Videographers: Marina Argyriou, Kiva Kuan Liu, Annie Shreffler, Greg Shea, Edgar B. Herwick III