The Great 'Parks And Rec' Clip War Of 2014 When critics are anticipating the end of a show they've liked a lot, strange things happen.

The Great 'Parks And Rec' Clip War Of 2014

My friend Alan Sepinwall and I have both written in the past about our affection for Parks And Recreation, the NBC comedy that is not only about to end, but is about to end in a burst of weekly back-to-back episodes that will have it over by the end of February. It feels a little like a rush out the door to me, which has added to the pangs when, for instance, one of the show's writers tweeted about the fact that it was about to shoot its last scene.

Always eager to help me cheer up (when he's not pursuing a theme, he usually goes with this), Alan forwarded me an appropriate clip. But I forwarded him a better clip.

This is what we did for about an hour. (What you didn't see was the IM conversation in which we agreed that the first to resort to Rob Lowe saying "Stop. Pooping." was the loser.)

We're getting ready to say goodbye, you goofballs, but we're going to miss you.