Schaaps' Family Feud We surveyed our loyal listeners on a wide range of holiday topics and quiz siblings Rosie Schaap (The New York Times Magazine) and Jeremy Schaap (ESPN) on the most popular answers, Family Feud-style.

Schaaps' Family Feud

Schaaps' Family Feud

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A little friendly family competition between Rosie (R) and Jeremy Schaap. Sylvie Rosokoff/NPR hide caption

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Sylvie Rosokoff/NPR

A little friendly family competition between Rosie (R) and Jeremy Schaap.

Sylvie Rosokoff/NPR

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1) Name a board game that you regularly beat your family at:

2) Name the dumbest Winter Olympic sport:

3) Name a cocktail that you're embarrassed to order at a bar, but really like:

4) Name an activity you like to do in the snow:

5) Name a dish you eat at holiday dinner that you usually buy instead of make:

6) Name an embarrassing article of clothing you've received as a holiday gift:

7) Name a living actor/actress you'd wish would come to your holiday dinner:

8) Name an adjective that you'd use to describe an eldest sibling:

9) What's your favorite modern Christmas/holiday song (not a carol)?

10) Name a smell you associate with the holidays:

11) What was a gift you wish you'd get as a kid, but never received?

When the holiday season rolls around and families convene, board games are pulled out of storage...and then the gloves come off. In the spirit of friendly, familial competition, we welcomed back to Ask Me Another former VIPs Rosie Schaap and Jeremy Schaap, who also happen to be siblings.

"I was told Scrabble was forbidden in our family, because our father was too good at it," says Rosie, a writer, bartender extraordinaire and The New York Times Magazine's "Drink" columnist. "It was scary to come here and face my brother, the overachiever in the family." Jeremy, an ESPN host and correspondent, adds, "I won everything, especially the affection of our parents."

We surveyed 100 members of our audience for this Family Feud-style round on a wide range of holiday topics. Take the survey on this page and share your answers with us on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, find out which Schaap won bragging rights and the honor of paying for the losing Schaap's therapy sessions.

Heard in Holiday Spectacular 2014.

This segment originally aired on Dec. 18, 2014.