First Watch: High Aura'd & Mike Shiflet, 'Parlour Games' Shiflet's video for "Parlour Games" is a meditation on the cycle of life, soundtracked by ambient guitars that swell to feverish heights.

High Aura'd & Mike Shiflet, 'Parlour Games'


Filmmaker Terrence Malick knows light. In Days Of Heaven, think of the silhouettes shot against waves of grain during the magic hour between dusk and sunset. Or when the young boys in The Tree Of Life watch their own long shadows walk on an empty street. These are spaces where art can achieve an experience so immense and impressionistic that it becomes everyday, and it's there that you can also find the music of John Kolodij (High Aura'd) and Mike Shiflet.

From their first collaborative LP, Awake, the ambient guitar duo swells to feverish heights in "Parlour Games," as mystical textures peek through the glorious noise like soft light between curtains. In much the same way, this video (directed by Shiflet) gives us something grand that feels familiar.

Inspired by the album's artwork — photographed by Alison Scarpulla, with layout and typography by Sutekh Hexen's Kevin Gan Yuen — the video is a meditation on the cycle of life, shown through the relationship between two women in white lace. As Shiflet writes, "It was mostly filmed last September, trying to capture the plants as they enjoyed their last days and started to turn."

Awake comes out soon on Type.