Bass Drum Of Death, 'Get Found' (Live) The Mississippi garage-punk band figuratively tears down the walls as part of a groundbreaking ceremony at KEXP's new space.

KEXP Presents: Bass Drum Of Death

Demolition is about to begin at KEXP's old studios, and it's hard to imagine a better band than Bass Drum Of Death to figuratively tear down the walls before we do so literally. The Oxford, Miss., outfit was among the first two acts to perform at the location of KEXP's new home on the grounds of the Seattle Center, where we plan to host hundreds more.

Bass Drum Of Death's raw garage-punk sound didn't seem totally out of place in a room that at the time looked like a grade-school cafeteria. But we still tried to capture, with a starry backdrop borrowed from our current live studio, how the renovated digs will allow bands to let their hair down.


  • "Get Found"

Watch Bass Drum Of Death's full performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.