First Watch: Phony Ppl, 'helGa.' Watch Brooklyn band Phony Ppl's new video, an playful ode to to mean girl character Helga Pataki from Nickelodeon's classic '90s cartoon, Hey Arnold!

Phony Ppl, 'HelGa.'


Brooklyn's own Phony Ppl released their brilliant fourth project, Yesterday's Tomorrow at the top of the year, placing themselves in an early slot on many 2015 favorites lists. While the band's sound has matured since 2012, the overtone is still primarily playful and buoyant.

"HelGa" is an ode to the mean girl in the Nickelodeon classic cartoon, Hey Arnold. Throughout the video, lead vocalist Elbee expresses that he's well aware of Helga's true feelings for him while an adolescent version of himself daydreams about the fun they would have if she sheds her feeble front. It only seems appropriate that directing duo, Yashxana incorporated animated elements into their story of kids and adults, who both play games at times.