Luluc's Disquiet Lullaby In The Dark After midnight at SXSW, the quiet folk duo Luluc sings "Star," a disquieting prayer that questions the light in the dark.

Luluc: South X Lullaby


After midnight at the SXSW Music Festival, when venues sweep up beer bottles and kick out the revelers, we're asking musicians for a song to end the night. Luluc's quiet folk songs are particularly made for these moments of calm, especially "Star" from last year's Passerby. It's a lullaby, albeit a disquiet one that questions the star's light in the dark: "Are you truly a stranger living up so high in the night? / Why do I look upon you with tears in my eyes?"

Set List

  • "Star"


Producers: Bob Boilen, Mito Habe-Evans.

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