Historical Figure, Sci-Fi Villain Or Tech Startup? If you think you can tell the difference based on their names, earn some nerd cred by taking our quiz.

Historical Figure, Sci-Fi Villain Or Tech Startup?

LA Johnson/NPR
Test your news cred! Can you identify the historical figures from the sci-fi villains from the tech companies?
LA Johnson/NPR

There's no shortage of tech startups in Silicon Valley, and since these companies are founded by people who can identify every Star Wars character at the drop of a hat, their names tend to sound pretty weird. Is Zurg a new app that analyzes your dreams, Doctor Who's nemesis, or a 12th-century warlord? For our show at San Francisco Sketchfest, we make contestants earn their nerd cred by telling us — is it a historical figure, a sci-fi villain or a tech company?

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