Punch Brothers, 'Familiarity' (Live) The venturesome band takes you on a journey with a three-part song performed at Boston's House of Blues.

Punch Brothers, 'Familiarity'

When I asked Chris Thile (mandolin/vocals) and Gabe Witcher (fiddle/percussion/vocals) about the song "Familiarity" before Punch Brothers took the stage at Boston's House of Blues March 6, both of their faces lit up. It's clear this particular song — among a number of notable ones on the band's most recent album, The Phosphorescent Blues — is something special.

"'Familiarity' was an adventure and is an adventure every night," Thile said. "It's this big old lumbering beast of a song with three heads." Witcher added: "It takes you on a little journey and hopefully drops you off in a nice place."

Judging by the reaction of the ecstatic crowd that Friday evening, it's clear we were all transported somewhere wonderful.


  • "Familiarity"

Watch Punch Brothers' full set (including an interview with Thile and Witcher) at House of Blues Boston at WGBH Music's YouTube Channel.