First Watch: JiHAE, 'It Just Feels' This ode to orgasm was written by Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart years ago. It's now given new life by singer JiHAE.

JiHAE, 'It Just Feels'


This fiery song is pretty much an ode to orgasm. JiHAE sings this song with conviction:

It feels so good

And it feels so right

It feels like I've been rescued

in the middle of the nightI

It might be surprising that JiHAE (pronounced "Gee-HAY"), a Seoul-born artist now based in NYC artist, chose this under-appreciated '90s collaboration between The Eurythmics Dave Stewart and the passionate Leonard Cohen for her new album Illusion of You. In fact, Dave Stewart helped make this record with electronic producer Jean-Luc Sinclair. JiHAE told us via email how she took the song and ran with her own interpretation, an interpretation that plays out in this video of intertwining and identity changing lovers.

"I connected how creativity and sexual energy are not only derived from the same place but also produced a very similar experience of escape. The song explores the illusions of self identity and how they play out in love. I went for a Morricone like vibe using 3 chords with a call and answer outro chorus that builds into bit of a musical explosion in the end," she wrote in an email. Indeed, the short film and the music find their moment of climax. I've missed the first few JiHAE records, but I'm not missing this one.