Spoon, 'Inside Out' Watch a new slow-motion video for one of They Want My Soul's best songs, directed by the production team LeBlanc + Cudmore.

Spoon, 'Inside Out'


After four years off, Spoon returned last year with They Want My Soul, a stellar album packed with tight, hummable hooks and precise rock 'n' roll bangers — and exceptional weight. The highlight of the record, "Inside Out," is the kind of song that seeps through your skin and enters the bloodstream — thanks to that compact drum groove, those shimmering swells of synths, and plinking piano stabs that envelop Britt Daniel's gruff voiced-turned-soulful falsetto. And at the heart of the song is Daniel's existential ponderings on love as a gravitational force of attraction, and the cyclical passage of time. "Time's gone inside out / time gets distorted with this intense gravity / I don't got time for holy rollers," he opens. Even six months later, "Inside Out" has demonstrated its staying power as one of Spoon's most memorable songs, no matter the setting — be it a stripped-down performance, or even being covered by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.

Today, Spoon released a new music video for the song, this time directed by LeBlanc + Cudmore. Opening with a recreation of They Want My Soul's album cover, the camera glides through a series of slow-motion tracking shots that depict some bizarre Lynch-ian vignettes: a somber married couple in a kitchen; a masked robbery; a brutal fistfight during a party's waning hours; and many more dreamlike scenes. It's a wonderfully crafted and evocative video that matches the song's musical and emotional searching.