Kat Edmonson On Song Travels Hear the arresting singer-songwriter perform her song "Long Way Home" with host Michael Feinstein.

Kat Edmonson On Song Travels

Kat Edmonson In The Studio

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Courtesy of the artist

Kat Edmonson.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Edmonson (voice), Feinstein (piano), "Champagne" (Edmonson, Boller)
  • Edmonson (excerpt), "You Said Enough" (Edmonson, Froom)
  • Edmonson (voice), Ray (piano), "Oh My Love" (Edmonson)
  • Edmonson (voice), Feinstein (voice), Ray (piano), "The Very Thought Of You" (Noble)
  • Edmonson (excerpt), "Rainy Day Woman" (Edmonson, Lovejoy)
  • Edmonson (excerpt), "Lucky" (Edmonson, Lovejoy)
  • Edmonson (voice), Ray (piano), "Nobody Knows That" (Edmonson)
  • Edmonson (excerpt), "Whispering Grass" (Fisher, Fisher)
  • Edmonson (voice), Feinstein (voice), Ray (piano), "Long Way Home" (Edmonson, Boller)

Singer-songwriter Kat Edmonson has played major stages across the country. She's performed on The Tonight Show and Austin City Limits, and her 2014 album The Big Picture topped Billboard's Heatseekers chart. This week, Edmonson shares her original song "Champagne" and teams up with Feinstein for "Long Way Home."

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