The Steel Wheels, 'Mountains Quake/Find Your Mountain' (Live) The Shenandoah Valley string band performs a mountain-themed medley from its latest album, Leave Some Things Behind.

Folk Alley Presents: The Steel Wheels


The songs on The Steel Wheels' latest album, Leave Some Things Behind, revolve around themes of leaving and going. As the band's Trent Wagler describes, "Sometimes it's going away from something you really want to leave behind, and other times it's going toward whatever that dream is that pulls you in a direction, but also acknowledging that that's not always easy — that you are inevitably leaving something behind in the process."

The Shenandoah Valley string band (Wagler, Eric Brubaker, Jay Lapp, Brian Dickel) swung the van into Saranac Lake, N.Y., on its last Northeast tour to play songs from Leave Some Things Behind for Folk Alley. Here, the group performs "Mountains Quake," an old-time fiddle tune by Eric Brubaker, followed by "Find Your Mountain," a song Wagler co-wrote with singer-songwriter Sarah Siskind.

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  • "Mountains Quake/Find Your Mountain"

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