First Watch: Rone, 'Acid Reflux' After eating mass-produced sushi, a man goes on a pulsing psychedelic trip full of benevolent ghosts, skyscraper Tetris and terrifying hallucinations.
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Rone, 'Acid Reflux'


If there's one takeaway from this video for Rone's "Acid Reflux," it's this: Don't eat the psychedelic sushi. (Or eat it, if that's your thing.)

Directed by by Ilan Cohen in collaboration with Boris Levy, the video is set in a muted Japanese cityscape like something out of Blade Runner, the Parisian producer's track channeling Vangelis' sleek and sad synthesized score. The music heaves without crushing, glitches without breaking, after our protagonist swallows some 7-Eleven sushi and goes on a pulsing trip full of benevolent ghosts, skyscraper Tetris and, when the tuna goes bad, terrifying hallucinations that melt lightbulbs and mutate faces. Japanese trumpeter Toshinori Kondo drops some spaced-out digital jazz on it all, and even appears in the video as a calming guide to the comedown.

Creatures is out now. Rone tours the U.S. in May and June.