Song Premiere: Amy Helm, 'Rescue Me' The daughter of The Band's legendary drummer and lead singer, Helm lets her own voice soar in this first single from her debut solo album.

Songs We Love: Amy Helm, 'Rescue Me'

Amy Helm, 'Rescue Me'

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Is Amy Helm's new song, "Rescue Me," about what it means to be in love? Maybe. Is it a song that acknowledges that we need to hang on to the people who are most important to us? Most assuredly. It's also a song that lets Helm's glorious, soulful voice soar over a gentle piano and thrumming electric bass.

Now, if you've been following her career, you probably know all about the three albums Amy Helm has recorded with the roots band Ollabelle. And you know she's the daughter of The Band's Levon Helm and was featured prominently on his Grammy-winning albums Electric Dirt and Ramble At The Ryman. "Rescue Me," however, ushers in a new chapter in Amy Helm's life — it's the first single to the solo album Helm's many fans have been anticipating for years.

At its core, "Rescue Me" is a song about gratitude. Amy Helm is feeling lucky, happy, blessed and grateful. And now, as she (finally!) prepares to release her debut album, we get to feel all those things, too.