Samaris, 'Sólhvörf II' (Live) The Icelandic trio creates a rich, textured blend of breathy vocals and glitchy beats. Watch their first U.S. radio performance, live on KEXP.
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KEXP Presents: Samaris

Whether it's their surroundings, the air, the water, the isolation or a communal appreciation of the arts, something has given Icelanders a lock on creating otherworldly sonic landscapes. Sigur Rós and Björk are the most famous of them, but if you've been listening to KEXP's broadcasts from Iceland Airwaves over the past six years, you've no doubt encountered many other aural adventurers.

Among them, Samaris stands out with its rich blend of organic and electronic textures, breathy vocals and glitchy beats. The young trio has been astounding listeners since their first performance on KEXP back in 2011, and on last year's full-length debut, Silkidrangar, or the "silk cliffs," they create an atmosphere that's not fully dark but is certainly at least twilight on an ancient world. Recently, Samaris stepped onto our own terrain as they entered the KEXP live room for their first radio performance in the U.S.


  • "Sólhvörf II"

Watch Samaris's full performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.