Mandolin Orange, 'Little Worlds' (Live) Watch the folk-pop duo pay homage to that springtime feeling in a performance of "Little Worlds."

Folk Alley Presents: Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange's Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz are known for their beautifully crafted songs, as well as for their straightforward yet elegant performances. After releasing their 2013 album This Side Of Jordan, they spent the majority of their time on the road, an experience that heavily influenced the songs — most built around the theme of home — on their new follow-up, Such Jubilee.

Last month, Marlin and Frantz stopped in at Beehive Productions' studio in Saranac Lake, N.Y., for a Folk Alley Session taping. Here, they perform "Little Worlds" from Such Jubilee; it's a song they say "just fell into place naturally, and has that kinda dance-around-the-springtime feeling that you get sometimes."


  • "Little Worlds"

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Session produced by Linda Fahey of, as well as Jeff Oehler and Sue Bibeau of Beehive Productions, with camera assistance from Jeff Bradley and audio assistance from Redia Spada.