First Watch: The Armed, 'Paradise Day' An office worker incites a hedonistic karaoke mosh pit in a short film for the Detroit hardcore band's chaotic, punishing party-starter "Paradise Day."

The Armed, 'Paradise Day'


A simple guide to karaoke: Know your room, know your song, don't perform "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" unless you're ready to commit and, most importantly, sing it like you mean it. Or you could just incite a hedonistic karaoke mosh pit.

In what's ultimately a short film for Detroit hardcore band The Armed, we follow office drone Trevor (played by Zoo Of Berlin's Trevor Naud), a creepy paper-pusher who wants to be just like the barrel-chested rock idol in a hidden photograph under his desk calendar. And, really, where else can you emulate your secret hero but in the nerve-wracking, potentially humiliating space of a sparsely attended karaoke bar? With the aid of The Armed's chaotic, punishing party-starter "Paradise Day," our sweaty friend spits and contorts his body until tables are flipped, shirts come off, a woman rides a beardo and it all ends... well, no sense in spoiling the ending.

The Armed's untitled debut is out today on No Rest Until Ruin. The album is available as a free download on Bandcamp.