Listen To The Lone Bellow Perform At The 2015 Newport Folk Festival Listen to the band's soaring Friday set, featuring guest appearances by Leon Bridges and Lucius.

The Lone Bellow, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2015

The Lone Bellow, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2015

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Zach Williams, Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist — The Lone Bellow — make glowing folk-pop that illuminates emotional, occasionally dark themes with soaring arrangements and gut-punching three-part harmony. The Brooklyn trio's second album, the Aaron Dessner-produced Then Came The Morning, continues their quest for redemption and uplift. Confessional songs like "Marietta" resonate with honesty, while the title track offers the promise of an inevitable sunrise and a brighter day.

The Lone Bellow's Newport Folk set was powerful and practiced, but the trio also kept up an air of joyous spontaneity by bringing a stream of special guests onstage: The horn players of the New Breed Brass Band added punch to "Then Came The Morning" and "The One You Should've Let Go," Sara Watkins popped in for a fiddle solo, and both Leon Bridges and the women of Lucius added their voices at different points during the performance.

Set List

  • "Then Came The Morning"
  • "Fake Roses"
  • "Cold As It Is"
  • "Green Eyes And A Heart of Gold"
  • "Heaven Don't Call Me Home"
  • "Watch Over Us" (with Leon Bridges)
  • "When Will I Be Loved" (with Lucius)
  • "Call To War"
  • "Teach Me To Know"
  • "You Never Need Nobody"
  • "If You Don't Love Me"
  • "The One You Should've Let Go" (with New Breed Brass Band)


Audio: Joshua Rogosin, Suraya Mohamed and Monique Mizrahi; Photography: Adam Kissick.