Shuffle Your Way Toward A Synonym Given a five-letter word and a six-letter, rearrange the letters of the shorter word to find a synonym for the longer word.

Shuffle Your Way Toward A Synonym

Shuffle Your Way Toward A Synonym

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On-air challenge: You'll be given a five-letter word and a six-letter word. Rearrange the letters of the five-letter word to get a synonym of the six-letter one. For example, given "carve" and "desire," you would say "crave."

Last week's challenge: Take the word EASILY. You can rearrange its letters to spell SAY and LEI. These two words rhyme even though they have no letters in common.

What is the longest familiar word you can find that can be anagrammed into two shorter words that rhyme but have no letters in common? The two shorter words must have only one syllable.

Answers: light-years: sleigh and tray; chickpeas: chic and speak; physicked: psych and dike; heapingly: neigh and play

Winner: Bruce Sutor of Rochester, Minn.

Next week's challenge, from listener Sandy Weisz of Chicago: Name a famous military figure of the past 50 years. The first three letters of his first name and the first three letters of his last name are both well-known military abbreviations. Who is it?

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