Mackintosh Braun, 'In Reverse' (Live) The Portland band's brightly colored, danceable pop has landed in TV shows and movies. Watch Mackintosh Braun perform "In Reverse" live in the studio.

opbmusic Presents: Mackintosh Braun

Mackintosh Braun's brightly colored, danceable pop songs have appeared on TV series like Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl, and the band's song "Never Give In" was even featured in the Veronica Mars movie. In spite of this success, Mackintosh Braun remains largely under the radar in its hometown of Portland, Ore., where the group formed in 2006.

At that time, Ben Braun was mixing hip-hop beats and samples when he stumbled upon Ian Mackintosh's music on MySpace. The two met shortly thereafter, and the creative sparks flew quickly. Later that day, they started to write and record at Mackintosh's home studio.

Earlier this year, the duo released its third album, Arcadia, and for the first time worked with an outside producer, Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids). "We like pop sensibilities," Braun says, "so we can fall into a place where everything is perfect and in its right place. And Lars wanted to move things around, dirty it up."

Mackintosh Braun, with drummer Richard Lawrence and keyboard player Troy Welstad, performed "In Reverse" for this opbmusic session.


  • "In Reverse"

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