Rebecca Roubion On Song Travels The Nashville indie-pop singer performs her own "Vacherie Girl" and James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend" alongside host Michael Feinstein.

Rebecca Roubion On Song Travels

Rebecca Roubion In The Studio

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Courtesy of the artist

Rebecca Roubion.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Roubion (voice, piano), "Changing My Life Over Here" (Roubion, Holland)
  • Roubion (excerpt), "Martyr Heart" (Roubion)
  • Roubion (excerpt), "Love Me Now" (Roubion)
  • Roubion (voice, piano), "Here Lies My Pulse" (Roubion)
  • Roubion (voice, piano), Feinstein (voice), "Vacherie Girl" (Roubion)
  • Roubion (excerpt), "Poison In My Veins" (Rodgers, Hart)
  • Roubion (voice, piano), "Feel Better Sam" (Roubion)
  • Roubion, Jake Etheridge (excerpt), "Break" (Roubion, Etheridge)
  • Roubion (voice), Feinstein (piano), "You've Got A Friend" (Taylor)

The songs of Nashville singer, pianist and songwriter Rebecca Roubion have been featured on the TV shows Bones and Pretty Little Liars. She's influenced by Carole King and Eva Cassidy, among others, and her voice has been compared to that of Norah Jones. Roubion's single "Break" was included on the 2014 compilation Nashville's Indie Spotlight.

On this edition of Song Travels, Roubion joins host Michael Feinstein to talk about her EPs, Fields and Forests. She also performs her original songs "Vacherie Girl" and "Feel Better Sam."

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