Ratatat, 'Nightclub Amnesia' (Live) Watch the Brooklyn electro-rock duo give a searing performance of "Nightclub Amnesia."

KCRW Presents: Ratatat

The long-running Brooklyn duo Ratatat makes compelling, multi-layered, instrumental electro-rock music. It's a distinct and instantly recognizable sound, but the band keeps innovating around it; Ratatat's new album, Magnifique, unexpectedly employs pedal-steel guitar.

Ratatat recently joined KCRW for a searing session in front of a live audience at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. Its members say this song, "Nightclub Amnesia," was inspired by a highway sign in upstate New York.


  • "Nightclub Amnesia"

Watch Ratatat's full Morning Becomes Eclectic session at KCRW.com.