Songs We Love: Nadia Reid, 'Call The Days' Love is knowing what's best for yourself; but on this heartbroken, self-assured song, the New Zealand folk artist with the warm, marbled alto hints that we betray our best intentions.
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09Call The Days

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Songs We Love: Nadia Reid, 'Call The Days'

Songs We Love: Nadia Reid, 'Call The Days'


Love is knowing what's best for yourself. We grasp at straws trying understand what that is, but even in that knowledge, we betray our best intentions to get stupid about another person. On "Call the Days," New Zealand folk artist Nadia Reid sings, "I was happy on my own / I would call the days as they were known" with a knowing yip, against a droning backdrop of closely mic'd acoustic guitars and longing cello. It's a heartbroken song, but made self-assured by Reid's warm, marbled alto.

Phoebe Mackenzie and Emily Berryman direct this beautifully shot video for "Call the Days," as the characters Nadia and Ross travel through New Zealand roads, forests and countrysides. Its muted palette is in keeping with the song's calm, yet gray skies; they betray the days ahead.

Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs comes out Nov. 27 on Scissor Tail (U.S.) and Spunk (New Zealand).