First Watch: Doe Paoro, 'Hypotheticals' The Brooklyn singer's latest video is dripping with lush imagery and wanderlust.

Doe Paoro Dives In With 'Hypotheticals' Video


When we first featured futuristic pop/R&B singer-songwriter Doe Paoro on All Songs Considered, we called her voice "liquid" and the track "spacious." Word must have gotten around to Paoro, who is premiering the video for new single "Hypotheticals" today. Filmed in collaboration with Residencia Gorila in Tulum, Mexico, "Hypotheticals" revels in lush, expansive imagery that finds Paoro exploring wide open spaces and dreamy underwater seascapes.

There's not a plot to speak of in this video. But that's the point, and the best thing about Paoro's music: there isn't a series of events or a driving agenda to the songs she makes. Instead, her latest album After is built from layers of ambient, enveloping sounds that wash together like a watercolor painting. "Hypotheticals" builds to a dramatic electronic opening and maintains a galvanic energy throughout, but its edges are never hard — especially not when paired with images of Paoro bicycling peacefully alone down bright, dusty roads in the middle of a Technicolor Mexican sunset. And that's why the Dan Huitling-directed clip works so well for Paoro's music: both are constructed out of a hundred tiny beautiful things, and that's all the plot they need.

After comes out September 25 on ANTI-.