First Watch: Stolen Jars, 'Waves" A tale of memory and the emotional waves of memory as told by the band Stolen Jars.

Stolen Jars Tell Their Story In "Waves"


One of my favorite discoveries at this year's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City was Stolen Jars. The band is the project of Cody Fitzgerald, Molly Grund and friends. They make music that at times has the stuttered feel of progressive rock, but with a gentler, lilting tone to its somewhat unusual time signatures and repetition.

The New Jersey based band has just made a video out of "Waves," my favorite song from its second album, Kept. When we asked Cody Fitzgerald about the song and the story line in the video he told me, "The video is about falling into and out of different memories. I wrote this song at a time when I was wondering whether I should let those moments pass by as waves of emotion or embrace them. So when the three of us (director and actor Irisa Xiong along with cameraman Jordan Beard) were making the video, we wanted to try and capture that wave-like feeling of falling into a memory and being unsure of whether or not that's where you should be."