Dilly Dally, 'Desire' (Live) Watch the grunge-inspired Toronto band perform "Desire" live in a Seattle studio.

KEXP Presents: Dilly Dally

As teenagers in Toronto, best friends Katie Monks and Liz Ball used to sneak off to the park to play guitar. What started as a secret now has a worldwide audience: As Dilly Dally, Monks and Ball channel their '90s influences into fierce, grunge-inspired pop, spotlighting Monks' whisper-to-a-scream vocal style on their debut album, Sore.

"We started writing music together when we were 19, and we're 26 now," Monks says. "It's been a long road, and will be crazy-longer in the future." For now, enjoy the present with this powerful performance of "Desire."


  • "Desire"

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