Julia Holter, 'Feel You' (Live) The California musician's radiant voice winds through "Feel You" with graceful strength.
NPR logo KEXP Presents: Julia Holter

KEXP Presents: Julia Holter

When Julia Holter sings, the line "Can I feel you?" is more of a question of capability than one of permission, as a feeling of faint familiarity mixes with lingering inquisitiveness. That gap between existing in a moment and fully grasping it is where the songs on Have You In My Wilderness, Holter's fourth album, reside.

The California musician's songs have always been a gateway to a resplendent musical landscape, but Holter's latest songs are also imbued with a striking sense of adventure. Using her radiant voice as a central thread through the album's winding stylistic path, Holter and her three-piece band exude graceful strength.

During her recent in-studio session at KEXP, Holter invited listeners into her intriguing domain. Follow her here.


  • "Feel You"

Watch Julia Holter's full performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.