The Oh Hellos, 'Dear Wormwood' (Live) Watch the nine-person band superbly translate a haunting chorus to a live setting.

Front Row: The Oh Hellos, 'Dear Wormwood'

The title track to The Oh Hellos' 2015 album Dear Wormwood beautifully captures the spirit of an album that's all about identity. Brother-and-sister duo Tyler and Maggie Heath shaped the record's concept around the idea of a character who writes letters to a tormentor, inspired by C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.

The song "Dear Wormwood" has a simple yet haunting chorus — "I know who you are now" — that marks an eerie turning of the tables and transforms it into an epic composition about defiance. "Dear Wormwood" translates superbly to a live environment, with the entire nine-person ensemble expressing its restrained energy.


  • "Dear Wormwood"

Watch The Oh Hellos' entire concert at WGBH Music's YouTube channel.