DIIV, 'Yr Not Far/Dopamine' (Live) Watch the Brooklyn guitar band segue from "Yr Not Far" into "Dopamine," a frank song about addiction.

opbmusic Presents: DIIV


This week, opbmusic and NPR Music premiere a new performance from the Pickathon Woods Stage, featuring the Brooklyn band DIIV. The video begins with a brooding song called "Yr Not Far" and segues briskly into a second song, "Dopamine." The latter was released a single last fall, and deals frankly with the subject of heroin addiction. Both are on DIIV's new record, Is The Is Are, which frontman and songwriter Zachary Cole Smith has said will be about struggling for sobriety. (The album is due out in February.)

Every month this year, opbmusic and NPR Music present another episode from the Pickathon Woods Stage Series, handpicked by opbmusic to showcase some of the most exciting performances from the 2015 festival, held at Pendarvis Farm. Look for the next video premiere on Feb. 2.


  • "Yr Not Far"
  • "Dopamine"