Stephen Kellogg On Mountain Stage The Massachusetts singer-songwriter performs live in West Virginia, with his road band in tow.

Stephen Kellogg On Mountain Stage

Stephen Kellogg On Mountain Stage

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Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Stephen Kellogg returns to Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. Drawing on influences ranging from singer-songwriters like John Prine and Cat Stevens to classic-rock acts like The Band and The Eagles, Kellogg often crosses boundaries of tone and style, while always maintaining his own identity.

Kellogg is frequently found on the road in one of three incarnations: as a captivating solo performer, with his longtime rock group The Sixers or, as he appears here, with his "solo" road band, featuring many of his favorite musical friends and colleagues. His latest record, South, West, North, East, was created — as the name implies — in different regions of the U.S., with sounds that follow suit. Kellogg is backed here by guitarist Sam Getz, drummer Brian Factor, fiddler Miranda Mulholland (also of Great Lake Swimmers) and bassist Zachariah Hickman, who frequently performs with Ray LaMontagne and Josh Ritter.


  • "Wallpaper Angel"
  • "Wolf"
  • "Good Red Wine"
  • "Father's Day"
  • "The Bear"
  • "Last Man Standing"