Will Hoge On Mountain Stage The Nashville-born country-rocker returns to the show, performing live in West Virginia.

Will Hoge On Mountain Stage

Will Hoge On Mountain Stage

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Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Will Hoge.

Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Will Hoge returns to Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. Hoge's promotional materials proclaim that the artist has "been through the wringer," and the hyperbole is no joke: In addition to experiencing the ups and downs of life as a working musician, Hoge nearly lost his life in a horrific traffic accident when returning home from the studio in 2008.

The experience yielded his greatest work up until that point: 2009's The Wreckage. The album's standout track, "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," was eventually covered by the Eli Young Band, who helped make it a mainstream country hit. Not long afterward, Hoge's lyrics and vocals were at the center of a major ad campaign by Chevrolet — ensuring that even if Will Hoge wasn't yet a household name, his music now was.

Hoge's most recent album, Small Town Dreams, is a solid collection of songs that range from Stones-y rock to Kristofferson-influenced country, reflecting an artist who's not afraid to take stock of where he is as a person. His band includes Brian Kilian on drums, Brady Beard on keys, lead guitarist Patrick Stevens and bassist Dean Moore.

Set List

  • "Through Missing You"
  • "When I Get My Wings"
  • "Little Bitty Dreams"
  • "Daddy Was A Gambling Man"
  • "Til I Do It Again"