Republicans Are Far Outstripping Democrats In Primary Turnout Democratic turnout this year looks like Republicans' did in 2008. And the GOP's massive turnout looks a lot like Dems' eight years ago.

Republicans Are Far Outstripping Democrats In Primary Turnout

When it comes to turnout, the tables have...uh, turned.

In 2008, Democrats had the historic turnout numbers. GOP voters, meanwhile, came out in modest numbers in 2008 and 2012. But this year, Democrats are seeing their turnout figures fall off since 2008. Republicans, meanwhile, are coming out in droves.

Republicans continued to watch their turnout skyrocket in last night's five huge primary states. Turnout grew by 16 percent in North Carolina over 2012's total — and that was the most modest bump. In Ohio, more than 2 million people cast votes, growth of nearly 68 percent over the state's 2012 GOP number. (Missouri saw growth of 270 percent, but that state also didn't hold a presidential preference vote in 2012, which likely helped depress turnout.)

Democrats, meanwhile, saw their turnout drop in all five states. Ohio posted the most dramatic dropoff, at nearly 50 percent. However, enthusiasm was barely diminished from 2008 in Florida and Illinois, where Clinton was born and raised.

Here's what total turnout numbers look like this year in the states that have voted, compared to totals from those same states in 2008 and 2012.