South X Lullaby: Miya Folick By Austin's Waller Creek at 2 a.m., Folick sang a new song, "Anyway," to close this year's festival.

South X Lullaby: Miya Folick

"I don't really know how this song goes yet," Miya Folick said of her song "Anyway." "Nobody's heard it." With a heavy orange light reflected off the creek behind her, Folick was silhouetted as she sang her ramshackle love song with characteristic grace.

"This song is just about feeling OK with the way your life is," she said of "Anyway." It has all the hallmarks of a great Folick song — the shrugged-off guitar, the tension in her voice between anxiety and ease, the candor of her plainspoken lyrics. At 2 a.m. by Austin's Waller Creek, she sang us our last South X Lullaby of this year's festival. It was a fitting way to put our week in the city to bed.

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