Parquet Courts, 'Berlin Got Blurry' (Live) The Brooklyn garage-rock band plays a sharp, smart song from its upcoming album live for KEXP.

Watch Parquet Courts Perform 'Berlin Got Blurry' Live In The Studio

The Brooklyn band Parquet Courts usually alternates albums and EPs in quick enough succession that fans never need to feel like they're waiting too long. The extra months it took for the group's latest record to hit the streets, though, might have seemed like cause for worry. Thankfully, the excellent, energized songs on Human Performance prove that even with more production, Parquet Courts' members have lost none of their raw, anxious energy.

Before its release, the band ripped through a quick set of sharp songs from Human Performance, live in the KEXP studios. Watch "Berlin Got Blurry" here.


  • "Berlin Got Blurry"

Watch Parquet Courts' full performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.