Watch Anthony D'Amato Get Punched In The Face, Over And Over The latest video from Brooklyn-based singer Anthony D'Amato — for a song from his forthcoming album Cold Snap — follows a man on his disastrous morning commute.

First Watch: Anthony D'Amato, 'Golden Gloves'


Who hasn't had a day (or more) where it felt like the whole world was out to get them? That's the soul-draining sentiment behind a new video from the Brooklyn-based Anthony D'Amato's new song "Golden Gloves." As D'Amato rushes to work, he's repeatedly derailed by other morning commuters who literally punch him in the face over and over, until his nose is cracked open and bleeding.

"The song is about watching somebody get knocked around by life," D'Amato tells NPR Music in an email. "You feel a little helpless seeing them take the hits, even a little guilty that you can't protect them, but as long as they're repeating the same mistakes, 'nothing's gonna change but your age and the shape of the bruise.'"

At some point in the video, which D'Amato also directed, he decides he's had enough and buys a pair of his own gloves to fight back. Pedestrians duck and cower as he claws his way home to surprise his girlfriend with some flowers. But as the two walk off together, she has a special surprise waiting for him, too.

"Golden Gloves" is from Anthony D'Amato's upcoming full-length Cold Snap, due out June 17 on New West Records.