The Video For Weaves' Song 'Tick' May Induce Your Midlife Crisis This fierce and fun Toronto band wants you to get out and enjoy life, not let time simply "Tick" by as it may for the character in this music video.

First Watch: Weaves, 'Tick'


Is your life ticking by? Do you fear growing old, never fulfilling your dreams? Weaves, one of my very favorite new bands, has just released a video in which at least one man is inspired out of his rut. Singer Jasmyn Burke wrote and told me, "When I started writing 'Tick' I was thinking about life and time and how we operate as humans. It's a reaction to wasting time. Sleeping under your covers all day and not doing anything sucks. Get out there and do something!" And do something Weaves has done. This year this young Toronto band released a brilliant, self-titled debut album and performed a thrilling Tiny Desk Concert.

The video for "Tick" was produced by Benjamin Dabu and stars the Toronto comedian Chris Locke as that man inspired to leave his dull life behind. Guitarist Morgan Waters told me that Locke "plays a man who stares into the void, hears our song and experiences a midlife crisis." The words that feel most beautifully impactful are when the band strips thing down while Jasmyn Burke sings,

"These are just the promises I promise not to make.
Always wasting time under your covers in the day.
Wishing I was swimming with the dolphins
like the person who is wishing they can swim.
Sweetie I just want your biological clock, tick tock
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock."

The self-titled album by Weaves is out today in the U.S. on Kanine Records.